The West of West is a book written by Mark Arax

The West of West is a book written by Mark Arax. He talks about California and its importance to America. According to him, someone looking for the biggest dreams one can go to the U.S. when in the U.S then one can go to the west of west. This West of West is California. On the other hand, the version by Rawls, California: A place, A people, A dream describes California as the Promised Land. Rawls explore California dream and its relevance to America. This paper will explore similarities and differences of ideas in highlands of Humboldt and the California Dream.

Both authors describe California as the best place to live. Arax in his chapter Highlands of Humboldt argues that California is a place where agriculture is doing well. In a plot he visits, he says that people earn more than $40 in an hour. The farmers harvest marijuana which is the cash crop in the area. This is a place where agriculture has been successful and people have occupied the area in large numbers (Arax). Rawls argues that with the salubrious climate, California is a healthy place where people can live. The place has fertile farms, tanning booths and institutions that are modern.

The authors argue that most people who come to visit California make it even better. They also enjoy the stay visiting the different highlands. Many people get what they are looking for when they visit California. However California does not meet the needs of all those people who come to stay. Their expectations are not met and therefore end up being disappointed. Rawls argue that people come to California and even are ready to boost the golden state. They bring their friends and families to join them. However, they find that life is not what they expected (Rawls). The same case happens with the highland of Humboldt. This is where most people would want to come to practice agriculture. However, there are rules and regulations that put restrictions in this highland. The highland is a home of cultural divide. There are also differences in these two books (Arax).

Rawls talks of dreams and promises of the land of California. He describes different dreams that may not be true. There is a dream on opportunity and success. The state is described as one that provides good luck and success. There is also a dream of warmth and sunshine. The land is perceived to be full of sun and it never rains in the Southern California. According to Rawls there was a new comer from Midwestern. He says that he heard about orange groves and palms. He also heard of the sunny days and cool nights. This is the dream that most people want to come and witness (Rawls, 9). However, in the highlands of Humboldt, Arax does not speak of dreams.  It is a reality and he visits the highland. He is able to witness agricultural practices that make the highland a golden place. He does not rely on dreams but confirms the situation. He does not report what people hear about California but visits the area to witness what goes on.

In conclusion, Arax and Rawls explore the state of California and the dreams people have about the state. Both argue that the state is where everybody would want to live. Agriculture is doing well. However, the city does not meet the expectations of all people who come to visit.

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