Creative thinking as defined by Robert Quinn, is a way of viewing management problems or situations from a fresh perspective that may seem unsettling at first. In addition, Quinn says that creative thinking as a management skill, can be as a result of unstructured process like brainstorming, or through structured process such as lateral thinking. Besides, creative thinking is expansive and non-judgmental as it enables one to break away from the usual barriers. Example of creative thinking is when a manger is involved in brainstorming about a product that will attract more customers

On the other hand, Quinn define critical thinking as rational and clear thinking that encompasses critique towards an issue at hand. Further, critical thinking also involves skillfully and actively applying, conceptualizing, synthesizing, reasoning and evaluating information sourced from experience, observation, reasoning and reflection. Additionally, Quinn says that critical thinking is based on global intellectual values that often transcend the subject matter. An example of critical thinking in management can occur when the company wish to improve the quality and quantity of products that a company produces.

According to Quinn, creative thinking can contribute to critical thinking by engaging in brainstorming and well as lateral thinking to help the managers make informed decisions, which is part of critical thinking.

Question Two

From Johari window in a work setting, various advantages may result from revealing something from my Hidden. one is enabling the workmates understand your behaviors as well as capabilities in accomplishing particular task. Meaning that when work is distributed to the workers in the company, work will be according to an individual’s skills and capabilities hence such tasks are accomplished in time.  second, moving from hidden area to free area would be of help to the managers at the work place as they would make me very productive as my strength, emotions, attitudes and knowledge is known to the managers. Hidden are also hinders personal development as a worker may feel insecure around other employees, therefore, moving from hidden area to free area according to Johari Window would assist in personal development and growth.

In the blind are I may find out from the group of workers what they know about me secretly without my knowledge of the same. In the case the group members know my weakness cornering the skills required for a particular job, I may suffer as most of the duties may be handed over to other workers with better skills. Meaning that in will stand to lose most of the job. This will not be entirely a disadvantage nut it will also enable me to work harder in pursuit of improving my areas of weakness that is known to other members of the group hence personal development.

Question Three

Accommodation as a management style define the action of a conflict management team giving what the opposing side needs or doing asper the needs of the opposing side. The application of accommodation occurs when one parity perceives the demand of the opposition as minor or in case where one party wishes to keep peace as a measure of conflict resolution. Example of use of accommodation in a case an employee keeps the time reporting to work to avoid conflict with the employer.

Avoidance as a conflict resolution style on the other hand, define the mechanism of putting conflict off indefinitely. In avoidance the avoider will be on the opinion as well as hope that the conflict will be resolved without his or her confronting the opposing party. For example, when the work relationship between the managers and a given employee results in conflict, then the employee may decide to avoid the managers as well as do his or her duties with dignity and professionalism hence avoiding conflict by not always arguing with the employer.

Compromise works in a case whereby the parties involved in conflicts decides to give up the elements regarding their position to establish an acceptable as well as agreeable solution. This style is commonly used in case both the opposing parties hold equal powers within an organization. An example in m working place was in scenario whereby the heads of IT department and the Sales and marketing department were in conflict about an advert that was not adding up to the promotion of company’s products. Therefore, the heads had to compromise on the advertisement as a means conflict resolution and daily routines picked up for both departments.

Question Four

Systems thinking define a management disciple that relates to understanding of a given system by looking into the linkages as well as interconnections that occurs between the components that encompasses the entirety of the system in discussion. Systems thinking is currently of significance due to the changes occurring in technology innovations in the organization in conjunction with the over-growing global economy. Therefore, system thinking as a management model for the managers, provides models for decision making that aids the company deal with such changes in technological innovations as well as adopt to the same changes. In addition, system thinking allows the management understand fully the scope of their company concerning adoption of a particular change in the company.

An example of systems thinking is in a case whereby the management wish to reduce the cost of production by importing cheap raw materials into the company while increasing the price of products as a means of profit generation. The procurement department was on the opinion that the opinion cost is already an extra spending rather than acquiring the homegrown raw materials. The sales department also reported to the mangers that it would be difficult to raise the prices of the finished products since other companies also produces the same products. Therefore, the management resolved to improve on the quality and quantity of the products to generate more profits.

Question Five

The Gantt Chart as developed by Gantt in 1910, describes a series of horizontal lines that indicates the amount of task done as well as the production completed by an employee within a certain period in conjunction to the amount designated for those periods. The Gantt Chart is often employed in project management as various activities have to take place in the within the project location. Workers, materials, time schedules, professionals, as well as the plant must be considered at the same time hence my lead to confusion. therefore, a Gantt Chart is of essence.

In my work place, I have witnessed how Gantt Chart is used of which it has come to be of great importance. The worker’s names were included into the Gantt Chart to indicated their respective duties in the project, the salaries, time needed for task completed as well as definition of their duties. In addition, the project was completed in time as every employee was under supervision leading to quality work by the employees.