introduction of Healthy Ads campaigns

By introduction of Healthy Ads campaigns for kids in signage and promotion for the restaurant, McDonald is aiming at providing solution to the obesity problems in the country. Ads such as solution to obesity can be realized by adding salads to grilled milk and also including one percent of milk and apple. McDonald al skis keen to work with other organizations that deal with health.

Q2 The new law introduced by the France government that will ensure that all food marketers make a choice between paying 1.5 percent tax on their health ad budgets and providing health messages to their commercials is essential for the government because, in case they do not include the health messages, then the tax charged on the ad can be used to fund health messages to the consumers. This will enable the France citizens to develop healthy-eating measures. It is not only in France but other parts of Europe have put forward measures to protect their kids from dangerous foods ads.

I propose that health messages should be included in the commercials to the consumers targeted by these ads especially children. This will enable the parents to educate their children on healthy eating habits. By adding a health message on its ads will save McDonalds from criticism and tax. This is a healthy manner for McDonalds to promote its products.


Food production companies such as McDonald need to uphold their social responsibility effectively. it is therefore wrong for the concerned companies to ignore their social responsibility on the basis that ban on the advertising food to children several countries has not in any way reduced the obesity rates. McDonalds should therefore not make a blanket judgment on the issue of obesity before conducting a thorough research on it. McDonalds should however not focus on the countries that have applied tax rules on the health message ads while ignoring others; it will go against its ethical and moral responsibilities. It should aim at spreading a specific health message across all parts of the world where its products are consumed.


  • McDonald lacks loyalty in its customers in U.K, as most of the customers found it difficult to disclose to their friends that thy frequent McDonald for their meals. The company can revive this by conducting loyalty programs across U.K frequently.
  • McDonalds does not have a bigger market share in the U.K foods market. It can reverse this by establishing products which have low concentration of cholesterol in the U.K market. Market penetration strategy can adopted for this particular purpose.
  • K government banned McDonald’s food ads which aimed at children. It is important for the company to recognize the laws and regulation of the U.K government and keep to them.
  • McDonald’s counter campaign on the film Super Size Me, which aimed at creating awareness to health issues in U.K. The company should however aim at correcting its short falls other than counter campaigns.

Q5 McDonald’s short range plans

  • Use the commercial ads to promote consumption of healthy snacks and carrying out of exercises on daily basis.
  • Healthy food alternatives should be included in the menu items. McDonald should also eliminate Trans fat in its foods.

Long range plans

  • McDonald can launch a campaign on real life choices and remain dedicated to it
  • It can research on ways to develop healthier menu items
  • It can sponsor activities that promote physical fitness and encourage its consumers to participate.