Speech: social impact on Karen and her family

Do healthy people understand what sick individuals go through? Do they understand a number of challenges they face every single moment? How can sick members of a family be accepted in their families? These are some of the questions that healthy family members and friends should answer whenever one of their own falls sick and cannot physically and emotionally support themselves.

In this case, Karen Bailey has been diagnosed with remitting Multiple Sclerosis and she is not getting the care she deserves from his husband and friends. The main reason why this is happening is because they do not understand what Karen Bailey is going through. She is actually facing a lot of social problems because of her illness.

She has lost most almost all of her friends since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the past four years and she risks losing the remaining friend should she fail to give in to her demands that she change her medications. Her husband on the hand feels that their lives are falling apart since due to her illness.