Ethics also known as moral philosophy is a concept

Ethics also known as moral philosophy is a concept that guides people in their daily life. Moral philosophy answers the questions that people have in their life.  It guides people in determining the kind of life they want to live. It guides people in determining the principles or standards they should adapt in their lives (Shaw 7). I personally believe in doing the right thing at all times and not cover mistakes of others. I am an honest and truthful person. I do not like wronging my friends, and when I do, I apologize and make peace with them.   Our actions have consequences and therefore the principles that we live by matters. The consequences can be negative or positive according to the standards or principles adapted. I believe that the consequences outweigh principles and obligations. It is the consequences that are felt and can affect the other person. The person will not care to know how you did it but the end result will have an effect on them. For instance, when one aborts and have complications, the consequences will affect her and not the belief she had about the act.

I was engaged in an ethical dilemma at one point in my life. I had a friend who wanted to go out with her boyfriend. We planned to tell her strict parents that we were going to spend the night at my home. We said that we had assignments that needed a lot of time to complete.  I agreed to this lie because she was my best friend. I am an honest person and this was difficult for me.  I agreed to this plot and this was against my belief system. I feel that I made a mistake. If something wrong happened to my friend, I would blame myself the rest of my life. This is what happened and when my friend went out, they were so drunk. They were involved in an accident that made her stay in hospital for a long time. Every time I see her, I feel bad coz I should not have lied to her parents. I should not have agreed to the plot.  If we never lied, her parents could not have allowed her to go out (Shaw 24).

Part 2

It is amazing the way technology is advancing. Technology is making our work easier. We do not have to think so much. We just need to control the computer and other things a done for us.  The number of older people who are not productive in work is increasing.  They are retiring from work. This has an effect in the national budget and economy.  To increase productivity, we will need robots. The robots will do the work that would be done by the elderly. There is nothing to worry about. The robots will be co-worker friendly. It will not overtake the human beings. It is a way of sustaining the economy and replacing the old retirees.  The robots will be used in manufacturing, medicine, services and defense sectors.  This way, productivity will increase, less deaths in the hospitals, there will be security and also supervision of the various work in the companies.  Robots will also help human beings and reduce fatigue. It would be an advantage because working hours for human being may be reduced. The robots would do the rest of the work since it is a machine and does not tire as a human being does. It could be a life changing technology.  We should give this a chance and see the results (Shaw).

Part 3

I support and defend Schwartz that there should be two tracks for women. There should be career-primary track and career-and- family track.  This is because people have different needs and goals in life. There are those who want to pursue their career and rich the point they want before engaging in family life. These women in career primary track just as Schwartz states should be recognized. They should be given an opportunity to pursue their dreams. They may remain single for a long time. They may also bear children and hire house helps to rear the children. This does not mean that they do not love their children.  They love them and they also have a career to pursue. At the same note, remaining single for a long period does not make career-primary women irresponsible. Everyone has a career path. Each person has a different style to follow in their career path. If a woman feels that she wants to pursue a career first, they should not be condemned (Shaw 380).  On the other hand, Schwartz argues that there should be another track for care-and-family women.  These are women who pursue their career and at the same time having responsibilities to take care of their family.  These women need to balance their career with taking care of their family. They tend to have career plateau because of the pressures they have in their two kinds of lives. They also have breaks such as maternity leave that affect their career and also the organization’s production.  Organization incurs costs and Schwartz suggests that organizations should have facilities and benefits that assist career mothers.  It is not a matter of competition or favoring the working mothers. It is because situations are different. A single woman will not have so many things affecting her productivity. Caring for the working mothers is just a way of reducing interruptions in the process of production.

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