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Settling down on an essay topic can really be a difficult task, especially if you have been asked to personally come up with your own topic. You may decide to settle on a topic that afterwards will turn out to be hard to complete it due to it being complex or ambiguous to tackle. This will inconvenience you greatly leading to you not submitting your essay for grading at the required time. So chose your topic wisely. This part has really given students great problems when they are undertaking their academic writing assignments. It will be good to make sense of the correct ideas on how to choose a suitable topic for your essay. So here at we also offer tutorials on how to write academic writings apart from the actual writing for students

Ideas for essay topics

They are lots of topics that you could write about on your area of interest. It will be good to come up with lots of topics rather than just one then you could pick one depending on the availability of points you have. If you are studying on environmental issues you could write about climate change, waste management, water resources among a host of other issues.

Testing your best choice of topic

Once you have picked a topic from the many you have generated then it will be prudent of you to now do a thorough analysis of it. You will need to subject the topic to a series of test to truly ascertain it is a viable topic. This will really go a long way in helping save money and time. Carry out simple experiments to conduct investigations on the topic. See whether you have enough materials i.e. research books and even time, which will enable you do the essay with ease. In case of difficulties, seek help from your teacher or professor help you get the existing literature on your suited topic.

Good facts and figures

A very good essay topic is one which you will not break a sweat to collect data and information need. A good topic with badly collected information on it will result in a very poor, low quality and mixed up essay. Good data will make your essay stand out and at the same time give your topic a real and powerful meaning. If you research and do not get the correct information that is in line with your topic then just stop and search for another topic.


Essay writing demands lots of creativity. Without it, then it can make a brilliant essay look so ordinary. Creativity is vital in all writing spheres. It is the backbone of any writing. it is what ,makes your writing stand out. Very good topics need to be handled with lots of expertise. Before taking up that topic, ensure that you have what it take it takes to handle it.

Read and research widely

Any student who is widely read will never have difficulties writing an easy. Through reading, you are able to get lots of insights in regards to various issues not only in your area of study, but also in other fields. This will put you in a very better position to handle just about any essay topic you might be given. Always read and research on things it will boost your essay writing skills.