Effective investigation report

An investigation report is a document containing information on careful search and examination of the situation in order to find out the facts or truth. This paper will discuss how to write an effective investigation report on harassment complaint investigation. An effective investigation report possesses the following qualities. It is easy to read, comprehend and follow. It contains enough details to inform adequately on its content. In addition, it documents the result and facts about the investigation. Investigation is carried out to prove the allegations thus a good report should reveal that the allegations were proved to be true or not. A good investigation also includes recommendations of the investigator. To ensure quality of the report good grammar should be used.

The first part of an investigation report is the introduction part. Part introduces the reader of the report on its content. The introduction gives a summary of the working inside it. It should be well equipped with information such that the reader does not need to have come across the investigation somewhere else to grasp the information in the report. In this case, the report is about a harassment complaint investigation. Harassment in such a case may be sexual harassment, a junior harassing a senior, or workers at the same level harassing each other. Harassment is persistent actions that are annoying of one person to another or one party to another in either a form of demands or threats (Salisbury, 2004). The dimensions of harassment are many for example victimization, overworking, threatening among others. For this reason, the introduction part ought to identify specifically how the harassment occurred. The introduction part also needs to include the date when the harassment occurred. The date is an important part that plays a role of proving the incident. Investigation is usually carried out after the incident has occurred, for this reason the date when the investigation commenced is an important detail. The report should indicate when the investigation about the harassment started. An investigation report needs to be supported by the investigator. The investigator will indicate his or her name together with those who assisted the investigation of the harassment allegations. The names are important to know who will be contacted later when something concerning the investigation arises. Introduction should also contain a very important part that is a summary of how the investigation took place. The last issue that should include in the investigation report on the introduction part is a summary of the harassment incident that is being investigated.

An investigation involves gathering data and information so as to come up with the truth. Therefore, it involves interviewing people and recording the information they give. The report should, therefore, indicate the number of individuals investigated on the harassment incidence. The record of the interviewed people should reveal their names and other details that may be used to contact them at a later stage when the need arises. Interviews take place at different places as it involves different peoples, for example in the case of a doctor if any involved to treat the person harassed; he or she will be interviewed at hospital. The report will, therefore, be required to state the locations at which the interviewed personnel gave their report. It is important to state in the report whether all people who are likely to provide reliable information were interviewed (MacKillop, 2011). It is because substantial evidence may be omitted. For that reason, the report should indicate individuals who refused to respond to the interview. The other part of the report is the proof part. Is the part that should provide evidence on whether the harassment took place or not. This part of the report should provide all information concerning the evidence. Evidence is detailed and elaborated how the harassment took place. The evidence will be listed in terms of persons or other tangible materials. The lists of the proofs about the complaint of harassment are important because they will be used to base a judgment on them.

The report also should contain a specific section that is known as a complaint and findings. In our case the allegations are a harassment incident. The report should indicate how the complaint is basing the incident. It should also contain the information of the defendant. It is how the defendant understands, takes and how the complaint about harassment sound to him. The report will indicate how the defendant responded. The defendant information should include whether he accepts to have harassed the complainant or not and whether he gives contradicting information about where he was on that day, what he or was doing. The introduction will also highlight when the harassment occurred. When in this case will indicate what had happened just before the incident of harassing (Australia, 2005). The complaints are allegations, for the reason the report will have to prove either the allegations are true or not. Therefore, as prove the harassment, the report contains the facts about the actions that happened during the harassing, for example, a security guard of the company ordered the client to undress to be searched. The part elaborates the events that took place that is what the oppressor did and what the victim did. The facts should be well manifested for the reader of the report to have a clear picture of the real situation. This part of the report is supposed to uncover facts about the parties to harassment. It is that in case of any history between the parties that could be the reason the parties are not in good terms. There may be any another form of influence, for example, drugs that could have led to the incident. Reasons why the statements of the parties to the harass incident should be indicated whether they are true are not. The reasons as to the truth and false of the statements should be well explained.

The other part of the report should be the conclusion. It should state whether the harassment took place or not. The conclusion part should also state the laws violated. According to the purpose of the investigation and the persons behind the investigation on harassment, may be carried out by police or the company investigators in the case of a company. For this reason, the conclusion part will indicate which laws of the state, or federal laws the oppressor or defender violated. If the investigation is internal that is it concerns employees of the company, the report should state what values, rules and regulations, policies and standards that have been violated. The report should also state the consequences of violating the rules (CSIRO, 2009). Besides those, the investigation report on harassing should highlight on the possible ways in which the conflict should be resolved. The last part of the harassment investigation report is the recommendations of the investigator. These are the views and perceptions of the investigator in relation to this matter. The report states how the conflict can be resolved in according to the investigator to put the situation to stability. It also states what should be done to prevent such situations where people harass others. For example, a company should ensure it is taking good search on employees before employing them to ensure they are disciplined to avoid such cases of harassment.


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