EBP Survey

Evidence Based practice is an interdisciplinary approach to clinical practice that has become popular in the health care industry. The Evidence Based Practice ensures that practical decisions in healthcare acre based of research whereby the research studies are selected according to the norm.  EBP aims at integrating the expert opinion, external scientific evidence and the clients or patients views in provision of quality services keeping in mind the individuals served.

EBP is a central mission on the institution as it helps integrate different strategies in clinical practice.  It is moderately practiced in my organization which leads to effective delivery of services.  The organization’s readiness level is high. The organization aims at ensuring quality services concerning the individuals being served. The organization will allow individual participation in order to ensure effective service delivery.  However, there are different challenges involved in EBP (Boswell & Cannon, 2014).

On matters concerning project barriers and facilitators, the organization lacks proper facilitation of the practice.  The barriers to success of the project come from the practitioners or individuals who support the project (Boswell & Cannon, 2014). The project does not have enough facilitators to oversee the implementation process.  Even though the project has great extent of support, the people willing to oversee the implementation are few.  The Evidence Based practice needs to be incorporated in the organization and integrate it with clinical practice.

This can be done by use of scientific research whereby views of clinical officers are incorporated in the project.  Research helps identify more information about the project and what is needed to be done. Clinical inquiry will involve expertise and individuals in making decisions concerning the project. This will contribute to the success of a project (Boswell & Cannon, 2014).


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based practice.  New York: Jones & Burtlet Learning.