The first genre, which is the website titled “The Art of Unplugging: 6 Things You Can Do Right Now” was designed mainly to target the business people who have amassed themselves in a world of digital media communication to a point that they no longer have a life for themselves. They are either texting, calling, sleeping with their phones and no time to meditate or relax. Therefore, the purpose of the website is to provide these people with a form of an out from that kind of life through proven effective ways such as:

  • Living their work assignments at work.
  • Appreciating the art of writing as a way of establishing a mind body connection instead of depending so much on the media.
  • When with family and most importantly with your kids learn to put the phone away.
  • While sleeping keep the phone away don’t sleep with your phone.
  • Appreciate nature and feel its natural effect and forget your phone.

These will help you to unplug and let you connect with other your inner being. This information is mainly based on theories of collective creativity which highlight the advent of new digital media and its use on an on an unprecedented level. The theories mainly focus on people’s participation on interactive media that is, the World Wide Web and other forms of digital forms that have allowed the encounter with the media(Christian, 2009, 10).


The magazine was written within the context of the current world where digitalization has taken over to an extent that people are now dependent on their phones for everything. The magazine is mainly targeting the general population as well as the working class population as it is written in a simple and general way. The magazine can be pinned to the theories of collective creativity in the sense that these theories mainly talk about the transformation from analog communication to digital communication. These theories basically try to show the level of dependency on the digital world (Christian, 2009, 10). In addition the basic color theory is also an important factor in this case because color theories produce a logical framework for color.Nature naturally offers a perfect partingtheme for color harmony (Morton, 2016, 1). So, if you can learn to unplug and appreciate nature then you will feel the serenity that only nature can give. So,

  • Learn to live your work back at the office.
  • Avoid sleeping with your phone.
  • Live your phone and take a nature walk.
  • Take some time with your kids and put the phone away.
  • Just escape the digital world for some time.

Fact sheet

The fact sheet is designed mainly for the working class group who have a very busy life from to do lists to answering emails and work text messages. Therefore, the fact sheet mainly targets the working class. The purpose of the fact sheet is to remind the working class group that they still have a life outside work. Through the use of perception theories that are based on neurological research, it is has been established that through writing one experience a mind body connection which is much healthy (Hill, 2009, 5). Again, based on mainstream communication theory that mainly highlights on race, the fact sheet presents information that can be used by everybody hence there is no biasness (Allen, 2007, 3). Therefore,

  • Get out there and appreciate nature, but live your phone behind.
  • Learn to put it down on paper.
  • Be fully present and aware of your surroundings.

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