Millennium Development Goals

I tend to believe that the Millennium Development Goals which were created by the United Nations have been critical in ensuring that every human being has equitable resources and access to education, water, food and healthcare. I think the United Nations had in mind that the above named social factors affects every individual irrespective f the location, age, ethnic and religion background. However, I believe it is a challenge to realize these goals because several individuals across the globe are not aware of the need to address these critical issues. Due to economic crisis, most of the key players in realization of the Millennium Development Goals have decided to address these social issues in their own backyards leaving the disadvantage groups such as under-developed nations in a devastated state.

A community nurse can help in achieving some of these Millennium Development Goals by offering the required leadership in the implementation process.  A community nurse should be well informed of the current healthcare situations. He/she should therefore guide and help other community members maintain healthcare standards and boundaries that are specified by the United Nations. A community nurse is also able to help the community members preserve both their global and local links in a bid to achieve better healthcare services.

A community nurse should also work towards bridging the gap that is normally created by the leaders on their subjects once they assume respective positions. In most cases, such leaders, especially in the under-developed nations tend to use their authority and power to address their personal interests. Through reduction of this gap, a community nurse is able to help leaders understand their obligations in providing improved healthcare services to their subjects. This can be achieved through organization of healthcare seminar programs across the community.



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