Developing the modern web reflective report

Throughout this term I have leant several important things as far as web design is concerned. the main elements of a web design such as IDE & Git; HTML; CSS; Javascript; JS testing and Bootstrap; Python; and Flask have formed the basis of my learning adventure this term.  I have not only learnt more about them and even their dynamics but they have actually formed the backbone of my web design practice.

IDE & Git

IDE is an abbreviation for Integrated Development Environment which is generally a software suite. This software suite is normally used in the computer language to write and test software. Software developer is able to use the IDE to access through one graphical user interface at a time because it contains an interpreter or a compiler, a debugger and an editor which are very important is accessing a single GUI. Integrated development environment can either be used as single software or as a combination of one or more other compatible applications which already exist. I was able to discover that there is no difference between the outlook of word processor’s toolbar and that of an IDE.  Using the tools in the toolbar, it is able to format source-code, color-code, diagnose errors and even report completed codes. Using IDE, a developer is capable of compiling and executing codes as they increase and manage changes that arise in the source code uniformly. Some of the third party version control libraries such as Apache Subversion and GitHub can easily integrate with IDE making it universal. I realized that a software- as-a-service delivery model is mostly used to distribute IDEs.   I discovered that Cloud IDEs also have some benefits such as; reduced chances of nonexistent download and installation process; accessibility and compatibility to other software development tools across the globe; efficient distribution process to developers who are scattered around. Some of the IDE tools I learnt about this term include Visual Studio, NetBeans; Windows PowerShell; IntelliJ and Eclipse.

I was also able to learn on Git as a control system version used in the process of developing software. Git is normally used in development of software to achieve non-linear workflows; increased speed of data flow; and enhanced integrity on the data transfer process. I learnt that it easier to use Git in combination with IDE because it is compatible. It allows the developers to achieve rapid merging and branching of data than the normal process. From my experience, it is easier to construct a full branch structure of software using a Git because it is lighter in weight compared to other software of its nature. GitHub and Apache Allura are some of the software that are compatible to IDEs and they help developers to add access control at will and to display Git’s content using web hence ease in management of several repositories.


This is the abbreviation of HyperText Markup Language which is the standard language used by developers in web pages creation process.  I learn that that web design is impossible without the incorporation of the HTML features. HTML technology does not only help in the creation of the Web pages but it also developed user interfaces for web and mobile applications. The structure of any given website is semantically described by HTML technology to allow the users to read the files and render them either audible or visible. However, HTML has since remained more of a marking up language than a programming language since introduction of the Cascading Style Sheets in the year 1997. I also learn that element contents of several data types are defined using HTML and all documents types readable in the websites have document type declaration as a predecessor.

CSS is the abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheets that is basically an improvement of the HTML. It performs most of the functions that were performed by HTML before especially development of programming language in software development. I learnt the main role of CSS in web development is to give the web pages a specific layout.


I learnt that it forms the programming language of both web and HTML. It is normally dynamic, interpreted, high-level and untyped in nature. My study this term has made me understand the fact that Javascript alongside CSS and HTML formed the basic requirement in the web development. No wonder they formed part of my tools when developing my website. Javascript works under a model of prototype and object but also has functions effectively. Programming the web pages behavior forms the core function of Javascript.

JS testing and Bootstrap: This is used by the software developers to determine the correct use of Javascript, CSS and HTML. The test is also used to determine the ability of the developer to combine Javascript, CSS and HTML to obtain Bootstrap in the website. I also learnt that it facilitates in solving CSS/HTML challenges that arise when developing a website.


During my this term’s study,  l leant that Python just like Javascript is programming language that is object-oriented, high level, interactive and general purpose.

Flask is what website designers use to implement their concepts on the web framework. I also leant that flask is easy to understand especially for beginners in website designing. It however goes hand-in-hand with python.

Technologies used in Web Design

I employed the Use of HTML in the wed design because I wanted to create a user interface that would enable my users to retrieve the images and sounds and find them visible and audible respectively. In this case, I had no other option because it forms the cornerstone of any software and avoiding it would be disastrous. I was able to define the contents of my web pages correctly using HTML and it also made my website user friendly. My website follows this format: <!doctype html>< ! year><head><title><head><body><html> in order to come with a standard language.

I also employed the use of CSS in order to provide my website pages with a specific layout.  This was the only option I had in the development of my website because it described the presentation of my website content in a standard language of HTML. My website follows this format h1{background: blue font-weight: light}

I used Javascript when developing this website to ensure that all my web pages are programmed in a clear language. I could not avoid its use because it forms the cornerstone of software development alongside CSS and HTML.  I compliment it programming role with the use of python because they are compatible and when used together efficiency is enhanced.

I used Flask when designing website because it was the easiest software to use compared to its alternate Django. It was more explicit and it enabled me implement my concepts on the web frames easily bearing in mind as a beginner. Since I had employed the use of Python as the programming state, it was the only compatible way.



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