This current generation has not found it right to develop and maintain mental healthcare in our societies due to negligence.  Several people around the world suffer or have suffered from anxiety disorder or depression at any point of their lives. Most youths have been proven to have risk in suffering from these forms of mental disorder. However, there are millions of mental patients who do not get access to healthcare programs for such problems. Despite the effort shown by the state and the federal governments to curb this menace, commendable outcome is yet to be achieved.  Mental illness in most cases normally affects people from the low economic class and just a few of them are affected. This may explain the reason as to why the contemporary is reluctant in providing mental healthcare facilities.

The government has an obligation to provide necessary facilities to its citizens despite the extent of the spread of illness. For instance, most of the youths face the risk of suffering from mental illness due to anxiety of depression and if the problem is arrested and managed on time, these youths can resume their normal productive state and propel the government’s economy to the required heights. The other vulnerable group is the low income individuals who form the largest labor base of any economy. If the mental illness is left unchecked, the economy would lack manpower and then scramble.

I chose this problem because, it provides me with an opportunity to explore some of the health problems that are faced my members of the society in silence due to lack of proper healthcare system. All stakeholders should work towards providing mental healthcares to the citizens.



It is normal to walk to a bar or a restaurant and order for one or two bottle of bears, drink them over a chat with other bar patron and then walk your way out the bar with your senses intact. However, this is not the ideal case in most places around the world. Individuals have turned for drugs and substance abuse as consolation from their frustrations.  Most people young or old, poor or rich abuse drugs and substances in order to forget either their terrible past or avoid their difficult future. Drugs and substances relieve the users of their pain and anxieties on a temporary basis as a positive aspect. However, it also makes the users become dependent and addicted hence reduced economic productivity. Medical practitioners and government should address this issue amicably because it deprives the society of development.

People who have become addicted to drugs and substance abuse should be rehabilitated and then empowered economically to reduce depression occurrence which may lead to a complete turn back. Guidance and counseling departments should be set in each and job place to enable the workers get counseling services whenever they are faced with difficult moments. According to research most of cases of substance abuse and addiction arise due to frustrations and depression.

I find this problem relevant because, it does not only touch on the aspect of behavioral health but also the aspect of good governance and social welfare. These two elements form the bearing of our lifestyles and necessary actions should be put in place to provide proper solution.