Research Synthesis

Research is very crucial in marketing. One of the ways to improve marketing is to get different views of the users of the product. A producer of any product should seek ways to get information from the users that will help in improving the product they produce. One of the main ways is the use of questionnaires, making direct calls to the user as well as engaging a marketing consultant to help with the strategies.

A company should plan to be the leading company in terms of pricing. The company should also aim at selling their products at the lowest prices or more so affordable prices in the market. This can only be achieved as the company plans to reduce the production cost through economies of scale. The company has some Strength that increases the competitive advantage. The company will create a very strong relationship with suppliers who supply quality raw materials at the right time. The company will also have very efficient operations that lead to higher profit margins. In addition, the management understands the target market of the organization.

Social class is defined to be the group that is homogeneous and the groups are ranked according to a hierarchy in the society. The types may range from enormous groups to small groups, but the common factor is that they share the same lifestyle, interests, behaviors, and values. The social classes are categorized into three distinguished classes, upper class, middle class and the lower class. The three categories are distinguished. It is thought and adequately outlined that the people who belong to the same category share similar attitudes, dress alike, use same shops and live in a similar neighborhood.

The lower class is defined as the class of poor people, a class of individuals who survive in less than one dollar per day. The middle class is the class that is between the poor and the affluent people. In this category, the persons belonging to it do not lack the basic needs but can supply up to a reasonable amount of excessiveness. The middle class can have a better lifestyle as compared to the lower class but below that of the upper class. The upper class then is the class that is very affluent. They provide themselves with everything and especially have a magnificent lifestyle. In this category, money is not a problem and they have it in excess, and their lifestyle is exquisite (Peter, Olson & Peter, 1990).

People from these three types have different consumption patterns and desires. The difference in the classes is primarily brought in because of their purchasing power. Their buying behavior of the three categories is very different. In every society, there are the classes that are paramount to marketers of various products. The buying habits of people who belong to the same class are similar. This way, the classes are determined according to their income, education, occupation, and wealth. It has been proved that a human being would perform better if his or her efforts are recognized and appreciated. The management of this company should ensure that the few available doctors are highly motivated. The efforts of all the workers must always be acknowledged through rewarding them. This would ensure that all the workers from the management to the least in the company work in stress-free environment hence higher labor productivity. The benefits offered by businesses also act as a factor to motivate the employees. Health benefits are the common type of interest that exists within the work environment. Employers should always take into consideration giving benefits to their employees. This will induce them to work resulting in improved performance and productivity.


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