As a nurse I can use innovations led by nurses themselves to reach out to members of the community who do not have access to healthcare reform. Quality health care services can be offered by nurses at a lower cost. Innovative care models such as Transitional Care Model which provides patients with long-term health outcomes reduced healthcare cost and chances of repeat hospitalization can be of benefit to me in meeting my objectives.

I can embrace the use of technology in reaching out to the disadvantaged members of the community. I would use technology to train community workers on the best methods of handling patients who require healthcare services at their areas of operation. Several members of the communities would receive the healthcare at cheaper cost and effectively.

I would generate evidence that members of a given community do not have access to healthcare reforms and engage myself to conduct a thorough research on the issue. I would collect necessary data and track them to improve my input towards dispensation of efficient healthcare services. This would help build myself a scientific foundation to prevent and improve the patient outcomes in such communities.

By developing and nurturing my leadership skills, I would be able to reach out to members of the communities who lack access to healthcare reforms because I would be able to develop self belief and capability to make changes that aims at improving the inefficient healthcare system. I would also be in a position to provide such members with excellent healthcare services.

By fostering inter-professional collaboration with other medical practitioners, we would work together towards provision of quality healthcare services to members of the communities with no healthcare reforms.



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