Graduation Speech

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

A’ssalum Alaikum

Hallo everyone! I take this moment to thank our heavenly Father, Our Mentor and Leader, Your Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi. I would like to recognize all members of the AUS Board of Trustees, chancellor (Peter Heath), distinguished and honoured guests, AUS faculty and staff, our proud parents, families and friends,  and most importantly, my senior class of 2014; welcome to the American University of Sharjah’s spring commencement (Uploaded file).

Today comes and here we are after a time of relentless hard work, determination, and commitment. Every one of us has been working tireless day and night and now the moment has come when each one of us will be leaving college. The question is where to when every graduate is out of AUS? It not very easy to answer that question and as the answers are wide and varied just like all this year’s graduating students. Under normal situations, most of the students have claimed that they have a clear outline and understanding of what to do next. They have insisted that one could end up into an internship, contractual or full-time job. Others hold that an international backpacking trip to the foreign nations.

Other groups of graduating students will have no idea of the next step to take after leaving college (Syrtash, 2006). College has provided us with an opportunity to better understand ourselves. High probability is that many people have a very vague idea on what job to land on or even what business to venture into. However, today very special for the day we have long been longing for, a day that will impact differently on different people. Some will shed tears; some will rejoice while others will learn a very new lesson, but the good thing is that everyone will take home the hard-earned certificate. These will be the lasting memories of our educational strives and a look at them will always remind us of AUS.

Whichever way the day will impact, the fact remains that our destined time for our degree programs is over. Someone said that every stage in life has a purpose, and it is my belief that our season is over, and our missions have been achieved.  It was just a few years back when I was in my final year of my undergraduate, and I used to crack jokes with my colleague students about my pursue of a masters degree in AUS after I was done with my undergraduate programme. Little did I know that this would become a reality one day.  After joining university and while pursuing our studies, it was regularly said that each one would walk out of the university gate alone. However, to some extent, this information fed to people entered through one ear and left through the next. This became a reality right after completing our undergraduate when each one of us had to move his way.  Everyone in this congregation will bear with me that pursuing a masters degree has not been a cheap journey!

Most are the times when we are told and reminded that life outside campus is not a Joke! There is life to pursue and works to sustain our living. Ann Quindlen warned that people should not confuse between life and work in the sense that work is only a part of living. Dreams come to reality and as such, it is my urge to everyone gathered here that they should focus and pursue on the dreams that they have. It is important to accomplish what our hearts long for as long as we have the opportunity and the ability. Life is a simple plot, first you’re here; then you’re not, as Eric Idle sees it. So make it count while it lasts. Make memories, break rules and make new ones, invent mottos, be passionate, explore and discover the world.

Look around you. Enjoy the view. This is your day, the day we have been waiting for dearly. Look at the crowd, admire the scenes, listen to people and learn from them. Be inspired, set goals and chase them. Remember that when you want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you make it happen… Now look up, aim high, dream big and never stop. You may not succeed at first but later you will. Take failures as they come and convert them into lessons (Uploaded file).

At this juncture, I would like to this opportunity to thank everyone who touched our lives in one way or the other. Our dear parents have always supported and stood by us no matter what came across. Our lecturers and tutors have always encouraged and instilled in us the desire to tirelessly pursue our studies. The administration has tried as much as possible to ensure that these institution experiences stand out from others. We have been guided on what path to take by our advisors.  We had different seasons and parties and friends have been there to stand and share the joy with us. Also to all other distinguished persons we lay our dependence on, note that, without your continued support, it would be challenging and meaningless to be here this day. Just like society, life constitutes of what we make out of it.  May my gratitude reach every one of you and may the highest God grant your desires and help you accomplish your missions. Not to forget all those I met during my studies at AUS, You have been very supportive in one way or the other, and if the people I meet out of AUS will be like you then I will worry less. I love you all, God bless you


Syrtash, A. (2006). How to survive the real world: Life after college graduation. Atlanta: Hundreds of Heads Books.