Globalization aims at transforming the present social condition of a nation to globalism

Globalization is a process on bringing together different aspects of the society.  This include exchange of world views, ideas, products and other cultural aspects of the society.  Globalization aims at transforming the present social condition of a nation to globalism. It can therefore be a process of shifting human contact (Sterger, ).  Cultural ideas, values and artifacts can be interconnected through the process of globalization.  The human bodies are a representation of the human form. Bodies are known to be cultural artifacts. In this project I am going to use my physical body as well as the artifacts that are additions of my body such as my clothing, jewelry, and technology to think through globalization. The three global concepts I embody are fast fashion, Mcdonalization and Hybridity. Even though these three concepts are different, they all have a big importance towards globalization. I will be able to define who I am through these concepts, my everyday “look” as well as my relationship with globalization, concepts located on your body in specific places. What is Mcdonalization? It is a term used by sociologists, it starts when a culture possesses the “fast-food” restaurants.  What is Fast-Fashion? Fast-Fashion is a term that is used by the fashion industry, how trends are passed on. What is Hybridity? Hybridity joins different cultures in one arena. This project will interpret many aspects of globalization in terms of what I’m wearing and holding, and how these objects define who I am. The objects that I will be concentrating on are the clothing I’m wearing, the necklace I’m wearing and the phone I’m holding.




Hybridity is a concept in the society that involves intermingling of people and different cultures.  People appreciate their culture even as they live with it and exchange it with others in the global world.  The concept of hybridity helps exchange ideas on how to modify artifacts to make them look better. hybridity can also mean mixed genres.  It is through artifacts that people appreciate culture.  For instance the eye or Allah necklace is an example of hybridity.  This necklace suggests who I am. It is an indication that I am Arabic. The necklace is found all over the world to represent Arabic culture.


The Eye/Allah Necklace, which I listed as Hybridity. Hybridity joins different cultures into one arena. The concept of the eye and its significance vary widely among different cultures, primarily the Middle East. In Arabic its called “ayn al-ḥasūd”.  ayn al-ḥasūd is used to ward off the devils eye. I personally wear it always because like most Syrians, I believe it protects and stops envy. Also next to it there is the word “God” Written in Arabic letters, It keeps my Arabic culture with me wherever I go and the fact that God is written I also believe it protects me. Most people either wear it or hang it up in their houses or cars.   Most people show respect for their culture including artifacts.  Since culture has become a global issue, the owners of that culture would not want see other people disrespecting their culture. There have been issues concerning Allah necklace.  A musician Kate Perry provokes Muslim for burning Allah pendant.  The pop star is accused of disrespecting the Islamic culture. Muslims compare this as someone burning a picture of your best friend or somebody close to your heart. I personally feel that this is like burning my body. This issue makes Muslim feel that the artist is playing around with their faith.

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Fast Fashion


The tracksuits wear, which is listed as Fast-Fashion. Fast-fashion, is a term that is used by the fashion industry, how trends are passed on. Juicy Couture is a well-known American brand, It has very comfortable tracksuits with different colors that keeps us comfortable and at the same time follows the fashion with its style and colors.  Fashion has been appreciated by most people. designers ensure that the clothes they make are in the latest fashion in order to attract most people. the fashion trends change from time to time.  designers ensure that they are up to date with current fashion trends in order to keep selling their clothing.  Wearing a fashion design clothing makes me feel good and appreciate culture. These designs come from different nations making fashion global.

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As mentioned earlier, Fast-fashion is a term that is used by the fashion industry; it shows how trends are passed on. A fast fashion system joins both the quick response production capabilities and the superior product design capabilities so that they can both design products that captures the latest consumer trends. Fast-Fashion, “develops a model of such a system and compares its performance to three alternative systems which are quick response only systems, enhanced design only systems, and traditional systems.” (Cachon, G. P., &Swinney, R. (2011)).

According to Barnes and Lea-Greenwood (2006) fashion retailing has been undergoing growing competitive pressure. Emergence of fast fashion strategy is regarded as a key to success for fashion forward brands.  The concept of fast fashion in business is quite essential. Most fashion designers and shops have embraced the concept of fast fashion.

In another instance, Bhardwaj & Fairhust (2009) argue that fast fashion industry has been evolving significantly.  There have been changes occurring in the fashion design industries. This makes retailers desire low cost and ensures there is flexibility in their designs. They ensure that their work is quality and speed to market. They also adapt strategies that help them make profits and increase the market share.  Fashion life cycle is usually small. One fashion will appear and then disappear after a short period of time. This is as a result of changing trends about fashion.  Bhardwaj & Fairhust asserts that for fashion retailers to earn a competitive advantage over the competitors, they need to adapt the speed to market approach.  They have to make their clothing look different from those of other stores.  Therefore development of new product will require market research from global world.

Fast fashion is regarded as low cost clothing collections that are based on current fashion trends. Fast fashion retailers borrow ideas from luxury fashion designers. This encourages disposability. Fast fashion designs reach a large number of people who cannot access the luxury fashion designs. Fashion designers source for new trends in order to make their customers come back to purchase their products.  According to Joy et al (2012), fashion designers should replenish their stock regularly for them to attract more customers.  Most people in the current world appreciate fashion. They will search for new stores or the current trends of fashion regularly. The young people find fast fashion retailers a better option because they can afford to pay for the product. They prefer fast fashion designs because they offer speed gratification.  Fast fashion companies ensure that they have stable in house designers. These designers are able to make designs quite fast to fit customers need. They also have more eye-catching designs that are latest in the market. this makes consumers pay for them immediately rather than waiting until the year end sales comes in. fast fashion designers employ all means to ensure that products are delivered to consumers.



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McDonaldization is a term describe by Ritzer using a metaphor of success in fast food chain. It is used to mean rationality, speed and efficiency that McDonalds fast foods uses when serving its customers. in the McDonalds restaurants, customers are served efficiently and have a modern eating experience.  McDonaldization is concerned with speed and convenience and comfort of consumers. In other terms, McDonaldization has been embraced in other aspects of services apart from food industry. Rationalization increasing in most parts of society. Technology is growing tremendously contributing to efficient services. People would prefer items that serve then efficiently at a lower cost. For instance, Iphones have been preferred by most consumers. This is because they provide wide range of services that would be expensive if one is paying for them on a daily basis. The phone can call, browse, record, and take videos and other services (Ritzer).


The IPhone that I’m holding. The IPhone is listed as Mcdonalization. Working with technology, by exceeding the usual, allows the consumers to have everything fast and easy. Nowadays you can access everything through the internet, IPhones are taking over, nowadays, you can barely see someone without an IPhone in his/her hand, because you can have the access to everything you want through it, you can add notes, calendar appointments, games to entertain your self and of course social media to keep you updated to what’s happening around the world you can also access it fast and easy and carry it with you wherever you want.

Efficiency is a component of McDonaldization. Society seeks for efficient services at lower costs.  This makes people to become innovative in order to improve efficiency of services provides. Every aspect of human life requires efficient services.  People have become too busy to accept poor or slow services. For instance, the modern family is consisted of two wage earners. They have little time to make their meals. They go for packed meals in order to save time. The same case is happening with phones. People buy phones that provide wide range of services. They do not have time to go to a cyber to send an email. They can do it at the comfort of their home. This is by using of smart phones.

Bruenderman  (2009) suggests that McDonalds is the most recognized food industry in the world.  Growth of this industry is as a result of efficiency. However, McDonaldization has different negative effects on the society. The modern society has embraced the concept ofMcDonaldization. Max Weber in his theory of rationalization, he argued of primary dimensions such as efficiency, predictability, and non human technologies. This can be compared to George Ritzer theory of McDonaldization.  He discussed also the concepts of efficiency, predictability, calculability and control.    Technological efficiency has resulted to employees being replaced from their jobs.  Machines have less error than human beings. The work that could be done by a number of employees can be done by one machine controlled by one individual. This is the reason computers and smart phones have been developed at an alarming rate. Everybody wants to own a smart phone to make work easier.  Communication is made easier less than one gadget.

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