Global and Cross-Cultural Leadership

  1. Does Louie have a problem, or are the people who made the negative comments about him being too sensitive?

Customer satisfaction is quite essential in every business. This requires the managers and employees to have an effective customer relationship in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Lack of proper relationship will lead to customer complaints and may even seek services from competitors. The services may be proper but if customers are handled inappropriately, they may have negative responses. A customer is an important asset in the business. Interaction with customers should be effective. Managers need to have strategies on how to interact with different customers (Kumar & Reinartz, 2012). This will improve customer relationship and avoid negative feedback.  In the case study about Louie, it is evident that he has a problem. Employees are doing their work well and customers are satisfied with the services. However, Louie has a problem of interacting with employees and customers.  A customers’ aim is to receive quality services and in addition have effective interaction with the manager. If all the customers are reporting of insults from Louie, then he is the one with a problem. For instance, the first customer felt insulted when told to talk with her husband so as to buy a new exhaust system. Customers are different and leaders need to learn strategies of interacting with them.  Louie’s problem is that he does not know that customers are sensitive to some comments.  These inappropriate comments are offensive to customers. Another problem he may have is that of patronizing employees as argued by the woman brake technician.  I addition to this, he seems to be a sexist. He doesn’t want his customers to think that a truck is repaired by a woman technician.  This is a problem because a leader is not supposed to favor one gender or even make a point blank statement that would hurt the recipient.

  1. What improvements might Louie Need to make to become a truly multicultural manager?

An effective leader is one that is able to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. The leader does this without any form of discrimination or favor of one culture.  The manager should be capable of dealing with multicultural challenges in order to ensure effective customer and employee’s relationship. Louie has demonstrated that he treats employees differently. This may be disturbing or de-motivate employees. For instance, an African American employee has noted that when he does good work, Louie appreciates this by giving him a high five. For a Caucasian and Latino, Louie does this by a congratulatory handshake and fist bump respectively. The way he also talks to customers indicates a problem of dealing with multicultural people. People are different and need to be understood even with their differences. Those who are gay need to be respected since that is their belief and practice. His gay customers are not happy when they are asked if they are from San Francisco. To improve and become a truly multicultural manager, Louie should undergo a training program. The program should help Louie learn different cultures and how to relate with people from each culture. Values and norms of these cultures should be well understood (Parhizgar, 2010). Louie should also meet with other executives and discuss on matters concerning communicating with people from different cultures. Louie should learn that people are different and may take comments differently. This way he will make comments that are positive and do not hurt people’s feelings. This way, he can improve his relationship with employees and customers as well as becoming an effective multicultural manager (Terry, 2011).


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