The problem of drug abuse across different regions across the globe and the consequent impact of drug counseling programs across these regions.

Project Timeline.

This study will be undertaken within duration of three months across selected regions across the globe. It is a time-bound project and hence at the end of the three months the research team must accomplish their objectives and come up with a completely furnished report on the problem of drug abuse across different regions across the globe and the consequent impact of drug counseling programs across these regions.


Drug Counseling Program.

Name of Organization.

Date of Issue.

  1. Project Overview.
  2. Statement of the problem.
  3. Project Scope.
  4. Project objectives.
  5. Project Process.
  6. Data Collection methods.
  7. Data collection procedures and instruments..
  8. Project tasks.
  9. Selection Criteria.
  10. Challenges during the project process
  11. Project Budget.
  12. Reference Materials.

Project Process.

This project will commence on the 12th September 2014 to be completed on the 12th December 2014. As indicated in the project outline the project process will be divided into four sections. The most important part of any project is the stage of data collection.

Data collection Methods.

This section covers the data collection procedures, data analysis techniques and ethical considerations for the study. An explanatory design will be used to establish the impact of drug and substance abuse in different areas across the globe. An explanatory design is quite effective since it explains the correlation between different factors affiliated with drug and substance such as emotional factors, intellectual development factors and personality factors in an individual. Since it is impossible to study everyone across the globe, this project will be developed from studying a target population drawn from different part of the globe.  200 people will be drawn from different regions of the globe.

Data Collection, Procedures and Instruments.

The main techniques of data collection that will be employed in this project will originate directly from the sources (target population). Questionnaires and interviews will hence be the main tools of research. A questionnaire and an interview schedule will be used as the main research tool for this study. The questionnaire has been chosen as it provides a more comprehensive view than any other research tool. Questionnaires will be used to obtain primary data from the sampled population. All the respondents will be asked the same questions in the same order. The questionnaire contained both open- and closed-ended items. Questionnaires produce both qualitative and quantitative data. The main advantage of a questionnaire is that it allows the researcher to control and focus responses to the research objectives. This enhances relevancy of data collected.


This project will focus on three basic pillars of human race. Drug and substance abuse affects the social, economic and moral aspects of human life. The relationship between the three pillars is quite intricate and important in determining the personality and mutual existence of the society. The greatest percentage of the modern society is comprised of the young and easily gullible. Drug and substance abuse is unfortunately affiliated with the posh life and celebrities of the new world order. Celebrities in the modern world are leading the so called “heaven on earth” out of the massive profits they make from their performances and products. They therefore have all funds at their disposal hence they can acquire any substance without any health complication. the most unfortunate part of this life is poverty, statistics indicate that 64% of families in the modern population cannot meet their daily expenditure of approximately five US dollars.

In fact 16% of the poor families live on average 3 US dollars a day. This is undoubtedly the poorest standards one can ever live in. the rift between the affluent and noble is immensely huge with hence forcing the poor to indulge in vices such as drug and substance abuse to drive away the depression they live in. the wave of modernization is another deliverable that has led to massive alienation of the morals upheld by different societies across the globe. Technology has had its influence felt across all fields in the modern world. The case is not in any way different. Technology has indeed amplified the cartel of drug and substance abuse via modernization of the acquisition techniques. Drugs can easily, cheaply and frequently be distributed to the addicts in the modern day world. The old folks on the other hand are highly handcuffed in the fight against drug and substance abuse since they are technology illiterate.  The problem of drug and substance abuse finds its way deep in the heart of the society. Drug counseling programs have been the golden angels that seek to mitigate the adverse effect of drug and substance abuse. The challenge is however on the sensitization of the society on the demerits of drug and substance abuse especially to the young generation.

Project Tasks.

This project is specifically focused on tackling the problem and dreadful infection of drug and substance abuse from all angles possible. Unlike other drug counseling  models done by other researchers who  basically developed from secondary hypothesis on drug abuse, this project aims to interact with both drug addicts and non-addicts to establish the real condition from both an addict standpoint and a non-addict point. This project has hence been designed in an interactive way that tackles the problem of drug and substance abuse from either sides of the board. The addicts still have their candid reasons to back up their dependency on the life-threatening drugs. Beyond the criticism of non-addicts there are some medicinal facts of the so called “dread-drugs” that need be explained to extensively to the society. The prime objective of this research is to give the addicts a real sense of belonging in a special way that will fund the fight against drug and substance abuse from with its own territory.

This fight requires not only stringent policies and funds. In fact the most effective arsenal to deal with the challenge of drug and substance abuse is through making sense to the addicts on the negative and health-threatening risks affiliated with drug and substance abuse. Drug counseling platforms have greatly focused on the hypothetical world hence losing the battle to seasoned and passionate drug addicts. The tasks of this project are hence to fill in the gap created by preceding projects. Direct interaction with drug addicts will form and important part of finding the ultimate solution. Arrests and re-arrests are the legal strategies applied by different governments across the globe. Apparently this has been the greatest failure that exposes drug addicts in to unfair and hostile environments hence amplifying the depression levels of these addicts. This project is developed with an objective of handling the challenges faced by our teens and youth at the harmful hand of drug addict. It is therefore a project that is not aimed to fulfill the hypothetical goals especially in the academics world. On the contrary it is a research that focuses on bettering the livelihood of the society at large by eradicating a real disease that is gradually degrading the moral values of the society. The tasks of this project might therefore not meet the academic expectations of a specific award.

Selection criteria.

This project is facilitated by data collected from a random sampling method where 200 people where sampled randomly from the five regions across the globe. Each region provided 40 individuals to come up with the representative sample of 200 people. Out every 40 people, 10 of them where teens, 5 were youths of 19-27 years of age and the remaining 5 were parent the society is built from the family set up. The inclusion of the family institution is hence very important in determining the way forward out of this dreaded venom of drug addiction. Questionnaires and interviews will be quite vital at this stage. Interviews will be applied to understand the first hand information while questionnaires will be utilized to evade victimization. Young addicts often do their stuff in camera out of the fear and respect they still have for their folks questionnaires will hence create the independence required to establish the real source of the drug and substance abuse. This project is conducted on the grounds of authenticity and honesty. This project does not segregate any person on the grounds of gender, sex of economic ability. This is project build for the general welfare of our community hence the contribution of everyone is highly important. After all the problem of drug and substance abuse is not a selective epidemic that chooses on who where, when and how to attack. On the contrary, it is an untimely epidemic that not only gradually erodes the morals of the society but even on a higher level of danger cripples the future prospect of a society by destroying the energetic portion of the society.

Challenges during the project process

The projected problem of this research is the dogmatic cultures and indigenous practices upheld between different societies. Take for instance in the African set up where male chauvinism has been the order of the day. In modern day world, technology has completely taken over the young generation. This has been a major source of rivalry between the elderly and the young generation. This antagonism has hence place researchers in dilemma in the quest to establish the problem of drug abuse. Economic imbalance, political instability and religious differences are real challenges in this particular project. As a project prepared to meet the international standards and aid in dealing with the problem of drug and substance abuse.

Despite these challenges the project will indeed hand in substantial support in the fight against drug and substance abuse. As a modern researcher, the need to harmonize my project with the emerging trends is quite important. The old folks on the other hand are completely blind folded in the technology world. This project will therefore require massive reconsiderations on what technology to apply where and when. These challenges will therefore give me serious challenges in determining the most appropriate course of action. the challenges will nonetheless not frustrate my efforts to find a long term solution to the drug and substance abuse.

Project Budget.

Finance will be required to instigate the success of this project. The table below summarizes the financial requirements for this project.

Item Cost. In US Dollars
 5 employees 2000
Assets 1000
Legal fees 200
Miscellaneous 500
Total 3700.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses play an important role in developing the society. There are four basic types of  social responsibilities. The economic responsibility of any business is to provide quality services and goods to meet the needs and wants of members of the society (Allesia et,al, 2009). Entrepreneurs are in business for profit. To accrue maximum profits from their operations, entrepreneurs must guarantee the consumers value for their money. Legal responsibilities on the other hand focus on the legality of the operations of an entity as stipulated by the specific laws in their respective location. Different governments set different laws and regulations to govern the operations of enterprises.

Ethical responsibilities focus on the norms and values related to justice, authenticity and fairness in the operations of an entity. Every enterprise has it is operational values and standards that differentiate an entity from other enterprises (Allesia et,al, 2009). Ethical responsibilities are quite important since they talk more of the non-profit side of an enterprise hence attracting the interest of consumers hugely. Share holders on the other hand have the bragging right in the face of their competitors when consumers and employees are highly satisfied by the values and norms upheld by different enterprises. Nonetheless, it is also very important to note that the greatest disadvantage of ethical responsibilities is that they can easily create enmity between the consumers, employees and stakeholders (Allesia et,al, 2009).

Philanthropic responsibilities entail the organizational acts that fulfill the role an entity to the society. These responsibilities meet the anticipation that businesses must be good cooperate civilians. Goodwill programs for instance are perfect examples of philanthropic responsibilities. According to McKee, 2009, these responsibilities are the four most important pillars that every entrepreneur must consider  before even formulating a business idea.


Cloud Computing to the Rescue.

Cloud computing infrastructures are of ultimate importance in the modern day management world. The process of building a cloud computing infrastructure is complex and requires extensive mastery of hardware, software and network experience to come up with a fully functional cloud (IBM, 2006).  Cloud infrastructure is complex interconnection of hardware, software and network architecture to meet specific requirement.  A cloud is basically a virtual space connected by the use of servers for purposes of secure data storage, communication and retrieval. A cloud computing infrastructure therefore composed of hardware, software servers and network architecture to provide secure and abundant storage space. The diagram below shows a simple cloud computing infrastructure design (Gilliam & Nikos, 2010).

Cloud computing is the ultimate solution to data storage and recovery challenges. Data is basically saved in virtual space hence the storage site cannot be physically accessed. This has increased the security level of data and confidential information since different clouds have different infrastructural designs that are hard to hack (Castrillo & Roountree, 2013). Cloud computing is hence superior to ancient technology. Hardware virtualization is an intriguingly important technology that manages computer clouds. The virtual spaces require management and partitions to maintain the security of these virtual spaces. Virtualized computer environment is highly effective, secure and reliable therefore according to me it is the most appropriate way to handle massive amounts of data. Cloud computing costs are relatively cheap and affordable in comparison to Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure (Gilliam & Nikos, 2010). Both Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure are quite expensive to maintain in the aspect that they require physical management, virtual management and the risk of being obsolete is quite high. Cloud computing on the other hand is relatively help since it requires little or no artificial management since its operations are greatly managed by networked machines (Castrillo & Rountree, 2013). Public cloud is the most cost effective cloud computing model that accommodates the largest number of users and data. The government can easily fund the management of public clouds from the revenue collected from the taxpayers.


Safety in Architecture.

Employer’s Obligations regarding WHS Legislation,

All employers are under an obligation to a duty of care principle for all their staff.  The safety, health, security and welfare of all employees are hence an employer’s requirement by the law. Employees’ security and safety is the basic principle that every employee must meet in accordance to the Australian authorities before getting a license of operation.
Provision  for just and effectual place of work representation, discussion in relation to work health and safety. Workers deserve adequate representation in making the decisions that affect the operations of an entity. After all they are responsible for the daily operations of the organization and hence have the greatest and wealthy understanding of the market environment in comparison to employers.
Encouragement of employer unions with an intention of increasing the contribution of employee role in improving the construction as well improving the health and safety awareness practices for purposes of achieving as healthier and safer working environment. Employees have hugely been victimized and even their contracts terminated prematurely when they criticize the actions of their employers. The monopoly of power by employers has been a real challenge across the globe that leaves employees helpless at the hand of their bosses. The WHS has however brought the breakeven point for this problem. The employees can now rebuke the actions of their bosses without fear of victimization, contradiction or termination of their contracts.
Employees should set organizational structures that provide room for continuous improvement and progressively higher standards of work health and safety. Employees are the primary asses of any employer and if not well protected they can be easily exposed to great dangers in their areas of operation. The WHS has fortunately come to the protection of workers and hence all employers are held responsible for any risks that might injure any employee in their premises.
Employees must be compensated for their services. WHS ensures that employees’ services are equally compensated in respect to their skills, knowledge, expertise ability and experience.  To maximize the profits of the modern market, employees must be equally compensated for their services.
Infrastructural developments also lie within the jurisdiction of employer’s. As the owners of the different enterprises in the market , prudent investors must ensure that the infrastructural status of their businesses in technologically up to date.
Employers are the highest gainers from the actions of the employees. Therefore, if not well monitored they will exploit their employees to get the highest profits from their investments. WHS however protects the employees from indirect exploitation by providing for mandatory benefits to employees at specific levels. Medical covers, insurance and salary increments are among the major benefits that employees enjoy out of the WHS policies.

Employee’s Obligation regarding WHS legislations.

an employee must have the specified skills, knowledge, expertise ability and experience required in a specific job position. The  productivity of employees is primarily build on their experience hence WHS ascertains that the right employee gets the right job according to the job specifications to reduce the risks affiliated with a specific occupation.
Employees must not handle any appliances they are not conversant with. WHS greatly focuses on the safety and security of employee’s at their respective lines of duty. These policies hence discourage from handling machines that they are not well versed with their functions.
 WHS policies require every employee to have necessary safety precautionary training on how to use some safety gadgets such as the Alarm and fire extinguishers hence the safety induction is not a bureaucratic process but a mandatory safety training that has the potential to safe massive amounts of employees.
Employees must honor the terms and conditions stipulated in their respective contracts. The terms of working contract are the boundaries within which the operations of an entity are run. Employment contracts are hence very important to the employees since they clear spell out their responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of their bosses hence eradicating conflict of power and interests.
Employees are required to engage their employers frequently to cement the productivity of the operations of an entity, the WHS provides a healthy working environment where the role of the employees and employers are autonomously identified to eradicate confusion and contradiction that leads to inefficiency in operations.
WHS also equips employees with the power and drive to ensure that their employer uphold top notch health care and safety programs in the line of duty,. Employees can fault the security and safety precautions as well as the working conditions without fear of victimization or termination of their contracts. WHS provides the unbiased room for extensive coverage of justice in either side of the working environment.


Name of Sign Purpose Position.
Mandatory signs  These are signing that show instructions which must be adhered to by all parties in a building site.

Mandatory signs are identified by a blue color and white picture to send the aspect of instruction to all employees by default, without necessary reading their contents.

 These signs should be strategically position at the entry and exit of a site to ensure that every one entering and exiting the site is well aware of the rule to abide by while within the building site.
 Warning Signs. These signs caution of peril or hazardous circumstances within a site that not necessarily life-threatening but it’s an important action.

They can be easily established by their yellow background.

 They must be positioned from 50Metres to 100Metres to the hazardous
Danger Signs Danger signs warn of particular dangers or hazardous conditions that can cause death.

These signs are  denoted by the word “danger” in white letters engulfed in a red oval shape and a black background.

These sign should be placed strategically within 200 meters of reach to the construction site.
Emergency Signs. The offer important directions within a site that relate to safety and emergency.  Directions to first aid and safety equipments, fire assembly points, emergency exits among others are perfect examples.

They are information signs hence can be easily identified by their green color, white writings or pictures.

These signs are  place strategically within easily visible areas within a site..


Top Gear Sports center marketing plan

Top Gear Sports center has been in the sport world for five year up to date.  Being in the business for five years has made us an ultimate choice for 15% of the current clientele populace. The sports world is highly competitive since it has over sixteen active competitors who have substantial market share. It is with such kind of competition that Top Gear Sports Center operates under the ultimate goal of being the leader of the sports world. We specialize in sports shoes from different producers. The aim of writing this proposal letter to your enterprise is to hand in our humble request for renting a 2500-3000 sqft space to start our sports center.  Our marketing team has been entrusted with the responsibility of establishing strategic market points where clients have long had their sporting needs unsatisfied for quite a long time.

Top Gear Sports Center is a globally accredited dealer of official sports shoes from different brands hence everyone’s favorite shoe brand will be in our stocks with an affordable cost. We guarantee all our clients value for their money.  By partnering with your mall creates a chance to extensively meet the varying demands focusing on the diversity of tastes and preferences across the clientele populace. Our turnover for the year ended April 30th 2014 stood at 50, 0000 US dollars across the globe with the American market being our largest market. Your mall is among the leading malls in Europe hence proving to be a perfect business partner to engage in business with. In Top Gear Sports Center, we strongly believe that the client is always right and that their demand is our responsibility. The vision and mission of your mall seems to have complimented our operational motto since you guarantee your clients quality and affordable services and products any time and at their own convenience.

Through our market scheming strategies, our marketers noticed of the available space in your mall that is strategically situate down town hence serving as a perfect feeder hub to the society outside the city center. Unlike our competitors who concentrate on the central business districts, our organizations seem to share a similar calling of taking service and products to the comfort of the client. Not forgetting that technology has greatly transformed the business world with E-commerce becoming a major tool in the modern business world. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs have greatly ignored majority of potential consumers out of the collective migration to the digital world.  For Top Gear Sports Center, we believe that every consumer is quite important hence we must combine technology with the already existing operation strategies to meet the demand of consumers without segregation or ignorance.

The reputation of your mall is highly honored and adored by the clientele populace according to our research. Partnering with you in business is hence a win- win business investment that is bound to accrue massive profits from meeting the demand of our clientele populace. It is after identifying the similarity between our organizations that we humbly hand in our proposal to acquire an operation space within your premises preferably a space of (2500-3000 square feet). Top Gear Sports Center is a legal business that abides by the requirements of all operational contracts with its business partners. We therefore submit that we will abide by all requirements of the contract between your mall and Top Gear Sports Center. We look forward to working with your mall.


Business Genius

Sir Richard Charles Branson is my all time mentor. His entrepreneurial spirit dates back at his teenage ages when he authored the famous magazine known as the student. Since the production of the magazine, Sir Richard’s entrepreneurial ability has been experiencing tremendous growth.  In 1970 he started a mail-order record business which later was branded Virgin Records and Virgin Megastores as his business grew tremendously.  Virgin Atlantic however made Sir Charles a real global investor in the dawn of 1980’s. The most surprising thing is that Richard did not undergo the sophisticated education system to prosper in the perfectly competitive global market.

Sir Richard mentors me right from the nobility and simplicity of the business ideas he formulated to propel him to the sixth richest person in the United Kingdom.  His entrepreneurial thoughts are way superior to any educational teaching an individual might undergo. The success of the Virgin brand serves a perfect testimony that; skills are just an addition to the thoughts of an individual. In the business world, the most important thing is to undertake risks are that are worth taking (Branson, 2013).  Never fear investing in a particular venture simply because the level of completion is high. That is a lesson Sir Richard’s success proofs authentic.

We are living in an entrepreneurial world where all our need and wants revolve around the business world. It is therefore important for scholars and professors to understand the kind of a relationship that exists between the business world and the human world.  After all these two worlds exist in a symbiotic kind of relationship hence understanding the  rules of operation is a basic requirement for the  light-minded  who aspire to prosper in their endeavors. Sir Richard Charles Branson serves as the ultimate example of how prosperity is cheap if at all we understand the right strategy and path to undertake.


Applications and Software Design

Application software is a set of programs premeditated for end users. Application software is a subclass of computer software that utilizes the capabilities of a computer via communication between computer systems as well as the communication between the computer systems and end users (Mathour, n.d). It is a technological advancement that has marked tremendous developments across different sectors. Application software include database programs, word processors among others, in a nutshell application software is an executioner program that implements the commands from and end user. Application software controls the functions, feature and user interaction interfaces hence making communication between the computer and the users a success (Anonymous, 2012).

Application design on the other hand refers to the process of assembling a functioning software artifact. Application design hence focuses on the different design concepts employed by different software developers in different organizations. Every organization has its unique structure that guides the process of achieving the goals of organization; application design is hence a very important aspect in the quest to incorporate technology in to an organizational design (Schmidt, 2003). The application process is basically a planning undertaking that aims to establish the best software solution to a specific technological challenge.

Author’s Reflection.

Information technology management is undoubtedly a fundamental division of management in the techno-modern world. Organizational structures have been greatly supported by the introduction of this technology (Fowler & Stanwick, 2004). Nonetheless, this article does not explain the challenges affiliated with technology. The cost of maintaining up to date application software in highly expensive and requires specialized training to the employees to accrue maximum profits from adoption of this technology. Updating Information management systems has also seen the services and products offered by different organizations hike substantially to meet the production and operation costs of an organization. Therefore, it is important to understand and appreciate that this technology has its real challenges that if not proactively managed, then the technology is transformed into a liability.


Human resource development

Human resource development is an important tool in the management of any organization that seeks to attain maximum profitability out of its operations. Nonetheless, HRD strategies have been greatly undermined by factors such as racial discrimination.  The Australian Racial Discrimination Act of 1975- section 18C focuses on eradicating the aspect of discrimination with an objective of achieving maximum profitability of the available workforce (Hammond & Axelord, 2006). This analytical essay focuses on the productivity of employing a genuine non-discriminatory operational strategy in the achievement of the goals and objectives of an organization. Human resource development strategies have hence been established as the perfect tools to maximize the profitability of the operations of an entity via exploitation of the full potential of every employee in an organization (Michael, n.d). Different organizations have developed different types of employee training and development strategies with an objective of getting the best from the available employees’ populace. Ethnocentrism and stereotyping have however been established as real challenges in the adoption of different HRD strategies.

Ethnocentrism refers to the superiority battles that exist between different groups in an organization. In the organizational set up, there is that group that perceives itself as superior and has more power than all other groups.  Such an assumption is quite lethal to the development of an entity primary because it creates inter-group bias.  Inter-group bias leads to prejudice and xenophobia within an organization. When employees are entangled in supremacy battles, an organization can barely attain the set goals since these goals are not the primary goal of the employees. While ethnocentrism creates trust among group members, it is indeed a lethal arsenal to the overall development of an entity on the collective platform. Important activities such as decision making in every organization require corporation of all groups involved in executing the activities of an entity (Michael, n.d). The supremacy battles brewed by ethnocentrism are hence very lethal to the achievement of the organizational goals.

Stereotyping is bound to exist where ethnocentrism has been nurtured. Group members will be presumed to have common qualities and goals (Winthrop, 2008). These common factors among group members form an important part of the reputation of an organization. Just like all Americans love guns; similarly group members will tend to have a common quality. The most appropriate way to tackle the challenges affiliated with the formulation of different groups in the organizational structure is to understand these common qualities and their respective areas of prosperity (Michael, n.d). The strategy in this paper is therefore a proactive action plan that seeks to establish the divergent qualities of the different groups formulated in the structure of an entity. Employee training and development entails appraisal of the abilities of different employees. Employee appraisal methodologies therefore require exclusivity and openness to identify the strengths and weakness of an individual in a pragmatic way.  Appraisal revolves greatly on the judgment of an individual and in this particular strategy we judge people by their questions rather that the answers.

In a nutshell, the operations of any organization are centered within the abilities of the employees. It is therefore important to research of the abilities of the employees as well as the operational environment of these employees. The process of achieving the organizational goals incorporates interaction and exchanges between different groups of employees within and without the organization.  Formulation of the Australian Racial Discrimination Act of 1975-Sectio 18C is perfect example of the proactive planning required by organizations to attain their  goals  via prudent and proactive management of the available  work force.


American History

Life in colonial America was far much harder than the life in the modern day America.  The African-Americans commonly known as Negroes in particular had a quite a hard time in fitting in the colonial America. This text compares the state of freedom and equity at the colonial days in comparison with the state of freedom and equity in present day America. The colonial period was greatly biased and hence promoted miscarriage of justice in the judicial systems as well as other place. This bias led to segregation of the Negroes in the American society at the expense of the white Americans. Fortunately this state has changed positively over the last decade. this text provides a detailed analysis of the  change process in the American history.

The English people particularly in Virginia were running away from the Negroes. The running away in this perspective meant no white man could employ a negroe in their company during the colonial period.  Being black in America during the colonial period hence meant no job and complete segregation by the white Americans. This work gives a candid comparison of the  state of affairs during the ancient  colonial period when racial discrimination was a major challenge in the American society and the state of affairs in the modern day America when racial discrimination is completely faced out.

William Byrd a white American farmer reveals how he could whip his black employees for not meeting his expectations and perceive the whipping as a normal thing.  William is only a representative sample of the millions of white American employers who mistreated their Negroe employees in the colonial period. American has fortunately changed from such  inhumane  periods to modern democratic and humane administration models where everyone has their rights and freedoms regardless of their skin color.


Advertising in Apple Inc.

The incessant changes and developments in the smart-world technology world have proven to be a real challenge to producers. Consumers opt for the latest technology in the market hence cutting down the projected profits from a new product (Leidtke, 2014).  IPods, iPhones and iPads have been in the market for quite a long time without enthralling the clientele populace. The lack of enthrallment emanates from the lack of wizardry and magnificence required by the techno-modern consumer population. Apple Inc. has grabbed the opportunity left by the pioneers of smart technology by reengineering the production of smart devices to meet the needs of clients in accordance to the tastes and preferences.

Apple as an entity operating in a perfectly competitive market, it is impossible for the entity to reveal the operational strategy in exclusivity. Apple’s operation strategy is basically built on the principle of consumer satisfaction where the production process is hugely influenced by the clientele populace (Leidtke & Jesdanun, 2014). Advertising plays quite an important role in winning the faiths of different clients. Apple surpasses the ability and competiveness of its close rivals via increased focus and involvement of the clientele populace not only in the production process but also in the product promotion process. Apple’s approach has seen the entity attract massive clientele loyalty across the globe (Leidtke, 2014). Not forgetting that the authenticity, durability of Apple products serves as a guarantee to the clients that they always get value for parting with their money. As a matter of fact Apple clients are active ambassadors of the entity in the way they trust and praise the products and services offered by Apple. Apple’s success is therefore bound to persist regardless of the competition in the global market.